Pre- and Post-Retirement Strategies

*This event is exclusively for AdviceOne clients

As part of our Client Enrichment Series of ongoing education exclusively for AdviceOne clients, we have added two new discussions. 

Whether you’re approaching retirement in the next few years or have already retired, each discussion is tailored to topics affecting you and your family. 

Presented by Michael P. Grossman, CFP®

Just a few of the topics covered at each workshop...


Pre-Retirement Strategies:

  • All strategies regarding your current 401(k)
  • Determine pension decisions
  • Backdoor Roth IRA/Backdoor Roth 401(k)
  • The actual retirement decision
  • Formalize future-based NUA strategy         


 Post-Retirement Strategies:

  • Formalize your plan for Social Security decisions
  • The true cost of not spending
  • Plan in advance for the next market crash
  • Qualified charitable distributions
  • When to cancel life insurance and/or Long Term Care insurance


  • Bunching gifts
  • When to downsize; where CT real estate is heading
  • Withdrawal strategies: IRA vs. Roth vs. non-qualified
  • Green curve planning: the importance of age 63 and 72 vis-à-vis Roth decisions




6:30-7:45pm ET

Check back soon for upcoming dates!



6:30-8pm ET

Check back soon for upcoming dates!


*This event is exclusively for AdviceOne clients